Happy Halloween! If you’ve been looking forward to the Switch graphics and performance update, I have to warn you: This could be your least-spooky Halloween ever. Jason from 505 Games has more info later in the update.

Nintendo Switch Update is here!

Happy Halloween! If you’ve been looking forward to the Switch graphics and performance update, I have to warn you: This could be your least-spooky Halloween ever. Jason from 505 Games has more info later in the update.

First, a quick update on reward fulfillment. Alchemist’s Treasure and hardcover art book rewards ($100-175 tiers) have all been shipped; if you haven’t received a shipping notification from us and you backed at one of those tiers, send us an email. $250 and $300 Collector’s Box rewards are being shipped now; US-bound shipments of those tiers will all be out as of today, and international shipments are currently in progress. We’ve also seen isolated reports of packages being damaged in transit—if your Alchemist’s Treasure sleeve or Collector’s Box was damaged, send us an email with more information and we’ll get a replacement sent out.

Hello—IGA here.

The Japanese console version was finally released. However, we’ve received reports that backers were unable to receive their copy on release day…

There is no excuse, and I’m very sorry for not meeting your expectations. Thank you for your patience as we work to quickly resolve the issue.

In this case  it was quite tough because there were issues that went far beyond our expectations; I would like to apply these lessons to the next time.

On the development side, playable Zangetsu is taking shape; we are currently checking for bugs. We are very close to delivering it to everyone, so please wait patiently until then.

At the same time, we’re also hard at work on the other additional content. We’ll do our best to get everything that was promised ready for you as soon as possible.

こんにちは、IGA です。








お約束していた、プレイヤー斬月 ですが、だんだんとできてまいりました。






Happy Halloween, everyone!

Nintendo Switch Graphics and Performance Update

The Nintendo Switch Improvement update is live! We know it took a while to get this update to you and we are very appreciative of your patience.

There are four areas of improvement in version 1.03: Input Lag, Visual Quality, Crashes and Load Times.

First off, input lag has been eliminated throughout the game. You will find the controls more responsive, making the game easier to navigate and enemies easier to fight. There are still a few areas that need optimizing that will be included in update 1.04.

Visual quality has been improved so things look more clear and have more detail. Some examples below:

Overall stability has been improved throughout the game. We have addressed several specific situations that have been causing crashes, most notably when reading books from a bookcase.

Loading times have been reduced significantly, by up to 70% but there are still areas we’d like to improve. We will keep working to improve this on a room-by-room basis.

Even more improvements are coming in update 1.04, so keep an eye on the news for that announcement!

Zangetsu / Xbox 1.04

Unfortunately, we don’t have specific dates yet for Zangetsu or Xbox update 1.04 (including the IGA’s Back Pack DLC) yet. As soon as we have that info we will share it with everyone.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to work on the game across all platforms and work to add more modes and backer goals.

Japan Update

Hello everyone, this is the publishing team for Bloodstained at 505 Games. We’d like to update you on the status of the game in Japan and issues we’re working on resolving urgently. Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, Bloodstained was delayed from its originally planned release date on the digital Playstation 4 storefront, but should be live as of today, Oct. 31, 2019. The 1.03 patch for the Switch version of the game, which contains the vast majority of improvements for that version, is now live for all players.

Thank you everyone for your patience, and once again, apologies from everyone on the Bloodstained team for the inconvenience. Japanese Playstation 4 physical copies are arriving in our warehouse now, and distribution to backers should begin Friday. Digital copies are expected to arrive and be distributed to backers early next week.

We also apologize for the delays regarding the DLC for the game: “Iga’s Back Pack”. This is due to a combination of bugs and technical issues with submissions. Everyone on the Bloodstained team has been working on resolving this, and we anticipate being able to share an expected release date with you shortly.

Jason “Question” Ryan

Sr Community manager – 505 Games

505 Games 「Bloodstained: RoTN」 運営チームでございます。


残念ながらいくつかの技術的な問題により、当初のPS4デジタルストア発売が遅れていましたが、2019年10月31日現在はご利用できる状態になりました。「Bloodstained: RoTN」 を楽しみにお待ち頂いているみなさまにはお待たせしてしまい申し訳ございませんが、できる限り早くにリリースできるよう頑張っておりますので、引き続きご期待頂けたら幸いでございます。Switchのアップグレードがダウンロード可能になりました。



また、ゲームのDLC「IGA’s Back Pack」リリース遅延についても重ねてお詫び申し上げます。不具合と技術的な問題の組み合わせによる遅延で 「Bloodstained: RoTN」 チーム全員が解決に取り組んでおりまして、まもなくリリース予定日を皆さまに発表できると見ております。






引き続き505 Gamesと関連製品や「Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night」をどうぞ宜しくお願いいたします。

505 Games運営チーム